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At Thames River Chemical we strive to be the bridge between all stake holders. With a value proposition that is focused on sustainable solutions that offer fair value to our customers, suppliers, and employees, while using the safest practises that protect the environment and communities that surround us. Through our local and global sourcing efforts, TRC offers expertise, innovation and competitiveness in the way of specialty products, value-added commodities, environmentally friendly solutions and our unrelenting commitment to service. TRC is Your Partner in Chemistry.

Thames River Chemical is a North America wide chemical distribution company with a head office Based in Burlington Ont interested in helping to grow the sustainable energy market in Canada and the USA. We would like to partner with companies who values finding green sustainable product to help them run and maintain their plants, processes, and goals.

We can help with acquiring products from all over the world for the use in many different Hydrogen systems

For more information please contact Geoff Crowe.