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Superior Propane has been Canada’s leader and trusted propane supplier for 70 years, and we are now becoming a national hydrogen distributer and retailer as well. We have the largest distribution network to serve homes, businesses and industrial sites virtually anywhere in the country. We are changing propane and low-carbon fuel solutions by offering digital solutions that make managing propane easier and more convenient for our customers.

Superior Propane is Canada's largest provider of propane and related low carbon energy solutions to help customers reduce emissions and energy costs. Our network consists of approximately 175 service and distribution points to efficiently serve residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers across the country. Superior Propane employs more than 1,500 Canadians, delivers over 1.4 billion litres of propane annually, and is becoming a hydrogen distributor and retailer across Canada. Ask us about low-emission heat, power and auto fuel solutions with Superior Propane.

For more information please contact Bill Gourley.