News Release: Business leaders applaud signing of Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance


News Release: Business leaders applaud signing of Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance

Hydrogen Accord Signing

August 23, 2022


Business leaders applaud signing of Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance

Stephenville, NL – The Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance signed today in Stephenville, NL, by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz sets the stage for significant opportunities for the Atlantic region and will help to accelerate the global energy transition, according to regional business leaders.

Among those expressing support for the agreement are members of the Atlantic Hydrogen Alliance, including Net Zero Atlantic, Atlantica Centre for Energy, Heritage Gas, EverWind Fuels, Next Hydrogen Corp., and the Halifax Port Authority. A dedicated web page where businesses are stating their support for the Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance appears on the Atlantic Hydrogen Alliance website at Canada-Germany Alliance | Atlantic Hydrogen Alliance.

The Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance formalizes collaborative efforts by Canada and Germany to advance renewable hydrogen technologies and supports cooperation between the two countries in expanding the global hydrogen economy. As a result of this agreement, Canadian companies will be able to more easily deploy their technologies in the German market and German companies will have opportunities to invest in growing manufacturing capabilities in Canada. 

Prior to signing the agreement during today’s visit to Stephenville, Prime Minister Trudeau and Chancellor Scholz met with business leaders, including representatives of the Atlantic Hydrogen Alliance, at the German-Canadian Atlantic Renewable Hydrogen Expo – a trade show featuring clean hydrogen projects, technologies, and services. The event provided a networking and information-sharing opportunity for Canadian, German and other organizations with an interest in renewable hydrogen, resulting in new business relationships and enabling discussions between parties that will benefit from the new Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance.  


"This agreement will kickstart renewable hydrogen development in Atlantic Canada. We believe renewable hydrogen will create significant opportunities for our region and lead to economic and climate benefits for both countries for many years to come. We’re excited to be a co-organizer of the German-Canadian Atlantic Renewable Hydrogen Expo and we strongly support the signing of the Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance."

  • Alisdair McLean, Executive Director, Atlantic Hydrogen Alliance

“The historic visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Atlantic Canada sends a powerful message with respect to our region’s vast clean and renewable energy potential, skilled workforce and innovative private sector. To take advantage of the opportunities presented by a hydrogen economy, all four Atlantic provinces must collaborate and work quickly toward a clear and aligned regulatory environment to support the investment required.”

  • Michelle Robichaud, President, Atlantica Centre for Energy

“According to recent studies coordinated by our team, hydrogen can be an essential part of Atlantic Canada’s energy mix by meeting up to 20% of the region’s energy demand by 2050 and closing decarbonization gaps in sectors where GHG emissions will be difficult to abate. We believe renewable hydrogen will create significant opportunities for the entire Atlantic region and support continued progress toward achieving net-zero emissions."

  • Sven Scholtysik, Research Manager, Net Zero Atlantic

“To achieve Nova Scotia’s ambitious net-zero emissions target, the Province must transform how energy is produced and used. This energy transition will need more renewable fuels, like hydrogen, that can be produced at large scale, stored, and used to decarbonize sectors that will be difficult to electrify, such as heavy transportation, the marine sector, and industrial processes."

  • John Hawkins, President, Heritage Gas

"The green hydrogen industry will start with projects that break new ground. It will take courage, communication and collaboration amongst government and the private sector. Early successes will allow an industry to be born.”

  • Trent Vichie, CEO and Founder, EverWind Fuels Company

“Canada has a rich history in developing innovative hydrogen technologies. This, combined with abundant renewable energy resources, positions the country to be a leading exporter of green hydrogen globally. As the leading Canadian water electrolyser manufacturer, Next Hydrogen is fully committed to supporting this green hydrogen/ammonia project in Stephenville.”

  • Mr. Raveel Afzaal, President and CEO, Next Hydrogen Corp.

“Ports have a unique role, not only for their own decarbonisation but more broadly in assisting municipalities and provinces with energy transition. Ports that are in provinces or countries where there is a viable supply of renewal energy, are well-positioned to explore the potential for exporting excess energy through transmission mediums like hydrogen derivatives. The Halifax Port Authority is actively engaged with industry and government to enable this energy transition and cement the appropriate role of ports in this market.”

  • Cpt. Allan Gray, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority


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